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Avatar 2 – Expected to be Shown in Theatres on 2015


Avatar 2

Avatar 2

The Avatar film that was directed by James Cameron was a big hit. The story is set on a battle between the planet Earth and Pandora, which is an alien moon that is filled with the strangest and the most beautiful creatures and its rich minerals. Cameron’s project did not start until 15 years later when he knew it was the right time to film Avatar. The reason why this is because if Avatar was filmed 15 years before then the vision that Cameron had for his project will not be achieved. That is why he waited for the right time where the technology was able to create what he had in mind for Avatar. As expected of his film that was produced together with Jon Landau, the film garnered both praises and criticism from professionals and fans. Avatar 2 was set to release on the year 2015, a sequel to the first installation of the Avatar film.

In the year 1994 the director made an eighty page prose about Avatar in which he draws inspiration from every sci-fi books he had read when he was still a child. He also got inspirations from various adventure novels as well. The director announced in the year 1996 that after he finishes filming Titanic he is going to start filming on Avatar. He partnered with a visual effects group called the Digital Domain. The production was supposed to start in the summer year 1997 and released on the year 1999 but due to the technology Cameron decided that the Avatar he had envisioned has not been met with the technology. He halted the project and concentrated on working with documentaries,working on the digital technology that will help visualize his dreams.



Instead of waiting for the technology to catch up in order to start filming on Avatar then later Avatar 2 and 3, he co-developed a technology using stereoscopic cameras. The experience with 3D films has brought a huge impact with the Avatar film. Unlike your usual 3D where you only get the feeling that its basically flat like it gives you an impression that they are basically cartoons, the Avatar has a lot of depth that makes watchers feel that it is real. This is giving it an effect that instead of watching a theatre screen, the audience is like watching a theatre stage. Another drawback with 3D was the use of glasses to get its effects but with Avatar this is no longer needed.

After the release of Avatar, the sequel to the first which is the Avatar 2 has been cleared up to the fans that it will be filmed together with the third sequel. There is a fourth sequel but it will not be filmed together with the first two sets. The fourth one is only going to be shot depending on the numbers of the box office hits with the second and third installment of the series. The second sequel will be released on the year 2015 but was not so sure of the exact date.

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